Riding in groups

Riding in groups

During the Springer Rally or other meetings when necessary, the HSON is operating with the following road system, called the follow up (also named the first man drop system).

The “Captain” :  always riding in front, the HSON captain (equipped with fluorescent clothing) is the one who has set out the route and is considered the leader of the pack.

The “Pointer” :  also equipped with fluorescent clothing, always drives behind the captain and clearly points out where the participant behind him is put during the ride. Follow this up and stop where he wants you to stop.

The “Signpost” :  the person who is “put away” needs to wait until all participants are done passing. The person is inserted back in the group before the back drivers.

The “Back drivers” :  one or two persons of the HSON staff (equipped with fluorescent clothing) that ensure that the “signpost” is inserted back into the group. This way the group stays together.

With safety in mind, we ride in staggered formation (also named: ‘brick formation‘) unless the road is too narrow. With narrow roads, participants drive safely at a distance. Within the group you will keep your own line. That way everybody can see ahead. In corners, everybody chooses their own line through the corner.

Explanation from left to right
back drivers   –   participants/signposts   –  pointer   –   captain

During the Springer Rally the group can fall apart. To compensate for this, crossings and other traffic points where doubts may arise about the direction to be followed; signposts are left behind (put away) by the pointer to show the stragglers the way.

The signpost will wait for the designated place until the rear driver arrives. This will prevent the stragglers from “getting lost” due to premature departure.

Always pay attention to the following:

  • Riding straight on roads, participants are not put away.
  • At roundabouts and crossings where the road is followed straight ahead, usually no participant will be put away, unless it is an unclear or confusing situation. The general rule: no signpost, then follow the road straight ahead.
  • All participants during the Springer Rally can be designated as a signpost.
  • A participant who is put away ensures his own safety when taking a waiting place. Make sure if you have drawn away that the traffic can easily pass you and that you are always clearly visible.
  • The back drivers will provide space so each signpost is able to smoothly insert again.

Each participant is at all times at his / her own accountability and risk and should feel responsible for the other participants. The driving style is such that calmness stays in the group. Driving in a group requires continuous concentration and attention to each other. Be understanding to possibly inexperienced drivers.

If any of the information above is unclear, please let us know.

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